Our Expertise




When we speak about development, COMES processes are based on typical workflows of the AUTOMOTIVE industry such as V-Model, ASPICE, AGILE, continuous integration.
Quality and traceability are our guidelines, from the development to the production.


Electronics is our main focus and we have a broad know-how which is shared with and used to the benefit of our customers.

With our internal technical department, we support the customer throughout the whole development process, from the definition of the technical specifications to the final tests and validation.


Requiments management

  • Verification and management of the requirements
  • Definition of system or functional specifications based on customer’s request, type of application and legislation
  • Definition of test specifications
  • Change management

Mechanical Project development

  • Silicon rubber technology
  • High IP Grade
  • High robustness
  • High possibilities of customization of the shell and of the cover (available also with customers’ logo)

Electromechanical project development (HW)

  • Automotive qualification
  • Communication protocols (CAN BUS, LIN, I2C, SPI)
  • Low power consumption in sleep mode up to 100uA for 24V units
  • Customized layout for special applications
  • Internal PCB development
  • Control panel with HVAC management or Control panel+Logic box systems

Firmware development and validation

  • With OS or Bare Metal
  • AUTOSAR compliant development on request
  • Application FW scalable for different features, completely parametrized
  • Different thermal regulation models available for most of HVAC systems
  • CAN BUS based bootloader available
  • UDS/XCP protocol on request

Software development and validation

  • Customizable Windows-based CAN graphic interface for Bootloader
  • Customizable Windows-based CAN graphic interface for diagnostics, EEPROM parameter programming, data acquisition and management, data tracing
  • Windows-based tools to manage special functions of ECU

Production of final and functional samples according to customer specifications

Design and Process FMEA

Project validation according to the customer specification with laboratory tests performed (partially by accredited external laboratories), including E-marking


We care about quality and customer satisfaction.

All control units are assembled and 100% tested in our facility, by highly-qualified and trained operators.

We demand the same quality assurance and precision from our partners, which we audit regularly.


ISO 9001:2015 with E3 extension

Specialist in Thermal Management

Expert in Electronics

2 Million Control Units Sold