About us


Our story starts in the mid-70s with the development and manufacture of entire HVAC systems mainly for passenger cars, whilst from the 80s onwards we have been focusing mainly on electronic control units.


Nowadays the impact of new technologies on the market, the increasing complexity of the automotive E/E applications and new regulations, especially related to safety and environmental protection, have brought new challenges for our customers.

As a result of this, we have strengthened our expertise in different areas, such as the Cooling of the Batteries for Electronic Vehicles, the integration of a standardized CAN protocol in a AUTOSAR compliant environment, the definition of the specifications for the latest CAT4 Application or the implementation of cybersecurity standards on our ECU.

This is why COMES has become a strategic partner for many major Tier1 and OEMs.

“Our main asset is the trust of our customers, we work hard every day not just to meet but to exceed their expectations”
Nicola Stagni
M. Crudele and P. Castiglioni laid the foundation of Comes and made it grow into a successful company with their courage, skills and hard work

We are innovative, customer oriented and flexible.

Thanks to our SMART organisation, we are able to tailor any solution on the customer needs and support the customer step-by-step: from the definition of the project to the after-sale assistance.

We have an international focus and we work constantly together with partners all over the world.

Founded in 1995

Constant and sustainable growth

Customers Worldwide (Europe, Asia and America)