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We are an international specialist in thermal management solutions, with over 40 years of knowledge and experience.

We offer a wide range of control panels, control units and SW solutions for all kind of vehicles and for industrial applications.

When it comes to electronic controls for HVAC and thermal management systems for batteries (BTMS) or other components, we are your one-stop shop.

Our Business

Our core business is the development and production of Electronic Climate Controls for all type of vehicles.

With our Standard Line, we offer flexible solutions suitable for different applications, with product lines being constantly updated and offered on the market to all interested customers, as opposed to the Customized Line, which includes customized products developed according to specific customer requirements, exclusively sold to those customers for whom the product has been developed.

In a fast-paced and highly demanding industry, we have expanded our product portfolio as new challenges have emerged. We can now offer both stand-alone or fully-integrated solutions, such as Control Units with and without Human-Machine Interface, suitable not only for HVAC systems, but also for Industrial Refrigeration, Thermal Management Systems for the E-Mobility sector and various applications.

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Our Company From a start up to a market leader

We have been thinking Automotive Climate Control for more than 40 years. During this time we went from a start-up with 3 employees to a well established and recognized company.

Our products are not only installed in almost any kind of vehicle across over 60 countries, but are also renowned for the state of the art technology, modern design and flawless quality, conforming to the highest standards on the market.

Over 200 Standardized Products available

Market leader for Climate Control

Automotive Tier 1