DDL for PTC heater

DDL for PTC Heater has been developed specifically for the regulation of the PTC in EV applications.

Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters bring efficiency and safety to EV heating systems. The heating element inside a PTC heater has a positive temperature coefficient and its resistance increases with temperature. When power is first applied to the cold PTC heating element, it has a low resistance and draws a large amount of current. As it heats up, the resistance increases and the current draw decreases. This makes a PTC heater inherently both safe and efficient; the PTC heater will stop drawing current if it overheats and it only draws the current it needs to maintain temperature. A PTC heater also heats faster than a traditional element, as it draws maximum current when it is cold.

Operating Voltage Range: 10.5 ÷ 16V (for 12V versions) or 18 ÷ 32V (for 24V versions)
Nominal Power Supply Voltage: 12V or 24V
Output Rated Current, each pin: max 400mA
Operating Temperature Range: from -40 ̊C to 85 ̊C
Storage Temperature Range: from -40 ̊C to 90 ̊C
Water/Dust Resistance on the Front Panel: IP54
Over Voltage Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Electromagnetic Compatibility according to UNECE Regulation No.10