CCM COMES Control Module

Applications of the control module:

  • To control the HVAC/ Thermal Management systems with fully customisable strategies and algorithms;
  • To control customer specific systems, upon request;
  • To control loads in high/low side up to 500mA, with diagnostics on each output;
  • To communicate via CAN-Bus (J1939 full stack available upon request, other protocols upon request with configurable baud rate, UDS supported upon request, Network Management supported upon request, sleep function available/ wake up via CAN capable);
  • To communicate via LIN, master or slave adaptable;
  • To connect multiple ECUs to allow input/output extensions upon request;
  • To generate multiple PWM signals to drive specific equipment as electronic blower controller, electric compressors, condenser fans, electric heaters etc.

Standard inputs/outputs:

  • 12 Digital outputs with diagnostics for underload/overload
  • 12 Analog inputs 10bit
  • 3 Digital inputs
  • 2 Linear outputs or PWM with Feedback, up to 3 capable
  • 1 CAN BUS up to 1Mbit/s
  • 1 LIN BUS Master or slave

Inputs/outputs upon request:

  • 1 additional CAN BUS
  • 1 additional LIN BUS
  • 3 additional digital inputs
  • 1 additional PWM

Additional Features:

  • Application FW adaptable to different systems, fully parametrized and customizable for HVAC or customer equipment
  • UDS-compliant bootloader if required, adaptations on protocol if required
  • Based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F S32K14 MCU 512KB Program Flash Memory
  • Security options available as seed/key authentication, upon request
  • Customized COMES tooling for flashing application FW onto ECU via CAN BUS and USB-CAN BUS adaptor
  • Specific customer interface with security access available upon request
  • Customized and adaptable diagnostic CAN BUS interface, graphics and log capable to fully monitor ECU behavior, parameters, faults etc.
  • Optional: AUTOSAR BSW (with or without RTE), XCP protocol compliant


Operating Temperature Range: from -40 ̊C to 85 ̊C
Storage Temperature Range: from -40 ̊C to 90 ̊C
Operating Voltage Range: from 9 VDC to 32 VDC
Water/Dust Resistance: IP4X
Electromagnetic Compatibility according to UNECE Regulation No.10
Low power consumption available, up to 100uA at 24V during sleep mode
Automotive-certified active components (optional: all electronical components automotive-certified)